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How Underfloor Heating Works


How Underfloor Heating Works

Scientific research has proven that the floor heating is the most advisable heating system, as it has an even physiological temperature distribution over the human body.

Anbang Underfloor heating provides efficient room heating, in any situation. It can be used in the home or in the workplace.

Anbang Underfloor heating is effective because it uses the basic fact that warm air rises. If the heat source is as low as possible and spread over the entire area that needs heating, heat will be evenly and effectively spread throughout the room

Other heating systems emit hot air which rises to the ceiling, without heating the entire room, until it becomes cold, then it falls down and results in a draught.

Anbang Underfloor heating is also beneficial for people with allergies or asthma, it reduces the amount of dust particles in the air being circulated than other forms of heating.

Heating Type Comparison Chart

Heating Type

Radiators / Panel Heaters

Electric Warm Fan Heaters

Oil Filled Radiators

Electric Underfloor Heating

Method of Heat Transfer

Rely on circulating warm air by convection

Fan-driven warm air

Rely on circulating warm air by convection

Mainly radiant heat, warming objects in its path


Warm above, cool below means cold floors and uneven heating

Ineffective at heating lower areas

At best, a temporary heating measure

Everything from the floor up is gently warmed, perfect for tiled floors


Need several radiators for even heating

Gives warm areas, but leaves cold spots

Several needed to give even heat

Gives a very even spread of heat


Take up significant amount of space

Difficult to position for effective heating

Require plug socket and leave trailing cables

Invisible heating, as virtually entire system is out of sight


Require regular cleaning and maintenance

Generate dust and need cleaning

Require regular cleaning

Nothing to clean or paint


With two or more radiators, costs increase significantly

Quite inexpensive, but not very effective

Low cost

DIY Kits are simple and quick to install, provide effective heating

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