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New York heavy snow

    American local time on January 26th, New York snow heavily. New York mayor Bill de Blasio held a news conference, and said the storm would arrive in New York on the 26th. It may be the worst snowstorm in the history of New York. In26th, a rare snowstorm ravaged the Northeast American, 6 states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire have declared a state of emergency. New York has closed the city, 60000000 of the nation have been affected. USA national weather service has issued a blizzard warning to the Boston and New York. He said the storm would bring heavy snow and high winds from 26th, and continued until 27th.

    New York governor of a state Cuomo on the afternoon of 26th announced at a news conference, closing the entrance part of bridge and tunnel. At that night, underground and railway of New York and Changdo are all out-of-service. New York and New Jersey bus system all cease. Two or three days is expected to recover gradually.

    The residents of the coastal city of New York have received a flood warning. New York mayor Debra Theo urged people to "stay indoors, away from the highway, away from the pavement". At the same time, the east coast cities mobilize massive snow removal tool and salt vehicle prepare to meet the challenge.

    Many store vacated shelves, instead of hoarding the necessaries of life and snow removal tool. Facing the storm threatened areas, supermarkets appear panic buying phenomenon. Shovels, snow blowers, drinking water and bread, canned foods are all sold out.

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