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The Northeast American hit by heavy snow,the roof electric heat tracing is very effective

Hit by the strong arctic cold air, the midwest and eastern America regions has a sudden change of circumstances. Southern United States also changes violently this week. According to the National Meteorological Bureau, the temperature of the 50 is all below zero degrees Celsius in local time 18th morning. Affected by the continuous heavy snowfall, some residential roofs collapse. The residents are living in trouble.


If we have an early prevention, the phenomenon of the collapse may not appear. On snowmelt of roofs, we recommend to use electric tracing to prevent frostbite and melt snow. In severe cold area, constant power products is the best choice to melt snow, because the constant power electrically heating cable has very high temperature and high-speed. In view of this, American has more superiority to meet continuous heavy snow weather.


In addition, the snowmelt electric heat tracing system can realize the intelligent temperature control. Intelligent control means through the network to control snow temperature to adjust and control intelligently.


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