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"The use of solar self regulating heating cable installation specification" industry stan

"The use of solar self regulating heating cable installation specification"  industry standard compilation start convention

May 18th afternoon, "the use of solar thermal self temperature limiting heater installation specification" industry standards prepared to start the meeting was held ceremoniously in Tianchang holiday Le Grand Large Hotel conference room on the third floor. Attended the meeting with the Secretary General of the China rural energy Standardization Technical Committee Secretary Chen Xiaofu, China Rural Energy Industry Association of solar energy comprehensive utilization coordination group director of aid, the government of Tianchang vice mayor Li Hui, invited experts Wang Chong, Anbang Electric Group Chairman Li Yilian and representatives of the enterprises. The meeting chaired by Anbang Electric Group Executive Vice General Manager Chen Lei, Ampang chairman Li Yilian first addressed the opening ceremony, the participants expressed warm welcome and wish this conference was held successfully. Next by the solar energy comprehensive coordination group director of aid for Anbang Electric Group awarded honorary medals utilization, and the meeting arrangements and reception work thanks. During the meeting, Secretary General Chen Xiaofu introduced the relevant standards. He concluded that, due to the lack of a perfect solar tropical installation specifications, electrical cables when the accident occurred. Solar energy heat utilization standard aims to: good professional and technical guidance, improve the product after-sales service, safeguard the vital interests of users, and strive to create electric heating industry a good development environment. At the same time, enterprises to participate in the formulation of standards is the embodiment of corporate responsibility, is also a corporate influence and visibility of the show, will promote the development of the whole enterprise level. Anbang as "the use of solar thermal self limiting unit chief tropical installation specification" standard electric temperature, unified arrangement of the China rural energy Standardization Technical Committee and guidance, and do the data collection and investigation, a lot of preparatory work. In the meeting actively with other AP units communicate, provide technical guidance, effectively promote the standard. Discusses the participating experts and business representatives at the meeting also framework, the standard main content, terminology, definitions, put forward many constructive suggestions, and finally reached consensus. Delegates will also discuss and work to establish clear standards of division of labor, to ensure that the standard setting work orderly, strive for the standard issue as soon as possible.

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