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President of tsinghua university class entrepreneurs into Anbang study Tours

President of tsinghua university class entrepreneurs into Anbang study Tours

The afternoon of May 12th, Tsinghua University MBA (EMBA) President class enterprise represents a row to AmBang, the exchange of learning enterprise culture construction, innovation of business model, the enterprise internal management and other topics, and visited the Anbang electric heating, electric heating workshop. As the exchange of the host, AmBang Group Chairman Li Yilian the first to say hello to all of you, to extend a warm welcome to you for coming. And a deputy general manager Chen Lei introduced the development situation of country, and electric heating products market prospect. As a member of class president, chairman Li Yilian shared a deep thinking of doing business development to everyone in the meeting: do business both entrepreneurs respected by the society for individual value, is also a process of helping people realize the value of life. Talk about enterprise culture, he concluded: corporate culture is the soft power of enterprise development, improve the enterprise cultural soft power is an important condition to promote the scientific development of enterprises. Exchange meeting, entrepreneurs to communicate with each other to learn experience, published on the construction of enterprise views, talked to the activities to a climax, and give the future development of good wishes peace. The exchange will end after we have expressed "great harvest", and want to hold more such visits enterprise learning activities to promote enterprise and enterprise communication, learn from each other and learn from each other.

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