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Chairman Li Yilian Accept China Electric Industrial Network Interview

Chairman Li Yilian Accept China Electric Industry Network Interview

In March 26th, Ampang Group Chairman Li Yilian invited to accept the interview with China electric industry network. Leading enterprises as China's electric heating industry, so in the course of development and facing the opportunity and challenge of how to? 

Reporter: Mr. Li, hello! China electric industry network Liu Bin, we want to do an interview! 

Li Yilian: Hello, welcome to the Anbang visit! 

Reporter: Ambang over the years has been dedicated to the development and production of electric heating products, company every year to provide electricity to heat preservation the overall scheme for many enterprises? 

Li Yilian: in recent years, the rapid development can be an electric heat tracing, received wide recognition and praise in the industry. As a further expansion of the scale, the influence and popularity, attract more and more enterprises and our cooperation. Sincerely provide customers with the most perfect service, is always our goal, it is because of this, Ambang accumulated long-term partners a lot. So far, Ambang has provided electric tracing and insulation integrated solutions for many enterprises, which also are in the oil, Sinopec, China railway construction, China Qingdao port group such well-known enterprises. I believe in a future strength, we can cooperate with more enterprises, each year there will be a breakthrough in Ampang. 

Reporter: in the industry is not yet established national standards, how to lead and guide customers to use electric heating products?

Li Yilian: Anbang is a responsibility, play the role of enterprise, we always provide a full range of services to customers in the first place. Especially in the electric heating industry is not yet established national standards, enterprise self restraint and self - improvement is particularly important. As the leading enterprise of electric and heat within the industry, people always set an example, made a good example to peer. Adherence to the quality of products and services, to provide high quality electric heating products and perfect service for customers. To the client, the use value is the products and services, we are also deeply realize this, and actively guide the mass consumption, service safeguard the interests of customers.

Reporter: Ampang as domestic electric tracing leadership type thermal industry enterprises, the company's core competitiveness in where? 

Li Yilian: 1, talent in the previous interview, I have mentioned, there are two production lines in Anbang group, a production personnel, another product. Anbang has been devoted to science and technology and talent - development road, endless in technological innovation on the road, extending continuously in the talent development strategy. A dedicated group of workers is our precious wealth. 

2, science and technology, science and technology always is the first productive forces, is a necessary condition for the development of enterprises. In hardware, we introduce advanced production equipment, test and improve the detection system. In the software, the core of our technique is the possession of the technology patents from the prestigious University of Science and Technology of China experts have experts and professors as the core, consultants, a now development also is expected. 

3, the corporate culture of excellent enterprise culture, the core competitiveness of enterprises is also a. Ampang is a culture of enterprise, not only to teach you things, but to teach you to. We study the culture of filial piety and learning Zhu Xi motto, learning Di Zi Gui and other traditional culture, is to our employees to carry forward traditional Chinese virtues, the sentiment to the job and life, enhance their own quality, a moral, culture and education. 

4, the quality of the products and services above I also referred to the quality and service, for the Ampang, quality and service is the life, improve the quality and service is the key to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Anbang has been committed to providing customers a full range of services, to make the customer confidence and satisfaction. Reporter: in the domestic electric heating of seasonal products, the cable industry gold sales period where time? Li Yilian: general electric heating industry gold sales period concentrated in the first half of each year on the Mar&Apr month, in the second half of the Aug to December, because in this period, especially around the northern region temperatures are relatively low. Electric tracing and insulation principle is associated with tropical heat radiating heat, directly or indirectly in compensation to be heat traced pipeline heat loss, ensure the heating pipes in the normal operation of the cold weather. So every year relatively cold season is electric heating industry sales peak. 

Reporter: the company will take what kind of strategies to meet the peak of work? 

Li Yilian: 1, production management and effective adjustment of production, follow the "heavy contract, keep promise" principle, timely production, timely delivery, and ensure the quality of the products. 

2, pay attention to after-sales service after-sales service to customers to carefully, carefully deal with every thing customers, during rush hours, to be more patient and careful. 

3, the team cooperation in the peak period, but also to strengthen the team spirit of cooperation, strengthen coordination, working together and helping each other. 4, technical service of electric heat tracing sales peak with the increase of heat insulation design, pay attention to the electric heat tracing technology service, is an important factor to ensure the effective implementation of electric heat tracing engineering. 

Reporter: Anbang electric heating products currently in the country has a higher market share, the company middle consumers accounted for a large proportion of? 

Li Yilian: the increasing development in the economy today, the new electric tracing and insulation way more customers Pro gaze. Over the years, we have been committed to providing electric tracing and insulation scheme, provides the high-quality service for the customer. Our electric heating products at reasonable prices, quality assurance, fully meet the requirements of customers, accumulated many long-term customers. In the electric heat tracing technology, we are under the foot of the effort, the establishment of special technology R &D center, also therefore obtains the customer the consistent high praise. Customers in the selection of a product, the price is only a reference, most customers pay more attention to our country product quality and service quality. 

Reporter: select to do marketing point is at the peak of a few months ago? 

Li Yilian: before we mentioned the peak heating industry in each of the Mar&Apr Aug,Sep,Oct Nov, DEC months. Then a year in our sales season will account for almost half of the time. "Good Wine can not hided in deep alley" Anbang has always attached great importance to the promotion of the brand, to rely on their own core competitiveness to win the market. Will be two or three months before the arrival of the peak, we are done for, solidarity, positive to meet new challenges. 

Reporter: Ampang attaches great importance to its own brand to enhance the value of the company, then, how the assessment system in network publicity effect? 

Li Yilian: thanks to the establishment of a professional enterprise portal (wwwabjt99com), a display of our electric heating products platform. Customers can through this platform, our understanding of the enterprise, the understanding of our products and technology. Network promotion effect evaluation is a systems engineering, needs the participation of our planning department, network department and sales department. By using the statistical methods to the analysis of online and offline network promotion effect, combined with our sales to make accurate assessment. Our network platform, strengthen the customer to the electric heat tracing understanding, broaden the horizon of customer, believe that in the future will have more cooperation opportunities thanks.

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